Safe, secure and easy-to-use file sharing.

  • Easy Uploading

    Need to upload multiple files at once? Simply drag-and-drop them directly in to your browser.

  • Familiar Organization

    Secure spaces and folders make it easy to organize your information and control exactly what invited users can see.

  • Make It Your Own

    When sharing your own files, your brand should be the focus, not ours. Upload your company logo and choose colors.

  • Stay Up to Date

    Every event that happens in your Workspace is tracked to see exactly what is happening with all of your content.

  • Automatic Synchronization

    With Onehub Sync, there is no need to even open your internet browser. Files are automatically synced from your Workspaces.

  • Preview in Your Browser

    View high quality previews without having to download and open another application.

  • Collaborate and Communicate

    Easily communicate with everyone in the Workspace by posting messages and comments.

  • Affordable

    Plans start at just $29 per month with a 14-day free trial. No contracts or set up fees.

Thousands of leading companies rely on Onehub for online file sharing.

  • Aflac
  • Starbucks
  • AARP
  • Whole Foods
  • NCR
  • Colliers
  • Delivery Agent
  • NHL
  • Solatube